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Porsche 914/6 GT Replika (Interne Nr: P152)

  • BJ: 04/1971
  • 2 l
  • 210 HP (154 KW)

On stainless chassis, stored since 1976. Built up newly under the use of original new GT components:
-original oil cooler system GT(NOS*)
-original front hodd, rear cover and bumpers GT(NOS*)
-original engine grill GT(NOS*)
-original brake calipers GT(NOS*)
-original factory enigne 2.0 type (901/25) No. 6408004 overhauled
-gearbox with lock, 904 main gear shaft Nürburgrin special translation
-stell rollcage (copy of the original)
-original Scheel seats with trais in good condition
-4 point belts 908 (NOS*)
-100 liter fuel tank - good reproduction
-GT headlight opening system (NOS*)

*NOS=New Old Stock

Here you reach the restoration pictures of the vehicle

260.000,- €
Net, without VAT (sales in line with article 25 salex tax act)

I'm interested in this car and would like to receive further information about it.

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