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LM GT 94

LM GT 94 Well hidden secret:

In 1995 we had the possibility to buy the superlightweight-body from the Porsche AG, that was planned to be used for the Project LM GT 94. The in his time planned prototype for Le Mans 1994 as a Mc Laren killer, was unfortunately stopped in December 1993, because of the project Dauer 962. The plan for the LM GT 94 was to have 1000 kgs and 750 hp.

In the 95 Season we also had the possibility to buy the cars electronic that came from the 962, named Bosch 1.7, and also Fuel and Oil Tank.

Through a big fortune in december 2013 we stumbled over the chassis. We will begin the build up shortly.

The parts for the body had at Porsche the following internal sparepart numbers:

993.099.511.04 front hood

993.099.512.17 rear lid

993.099.505.63 front spoiler

993.099.503.07 fender front left

993.099.503.08 fender front right

993.099.503.09 fender extension rear left

993.099.503.10 fender extension rear right


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